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  • dr. Beck Zapper
  • dr. Clark Zapper
  • Orgone Zapper
  • SOTA Instruments
  • Standaard Zapper
  • Ultimate Zapper
  • ‘SOTA Instruments’

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    New Conscious aims to improve the quality of life in a positive way. We offer high quality and exclusive natural health products to help each of us live a healthy, happy life.


    PowerPendantsPower Pendants are personal orgone generators which transmute unbalanced orgone/scalar energies into the healthy balanced form of orgone. Some of the positive effects of orgone generators include; positive emotional/mood effects, sound sleep at night, protection against electromagnetic fields and many others.


    OrgoneOrgone is life energy. The existence of orgone has long been known by other names: Ki, Ch'i, Prahna, Ruach. Orgone transforms negative energy into positive energy. offers a wide range of orgone products and orgone Art.

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